Event Rules

Event Rules

Rules of The Freeride Zone:

  • riding zone will be directly behind Ocean Breeze Club extending south 1000ft south and 1000ft north of host hotel.

  • Permitted area will be open from Thursday-Sunday, standard jet ski zone will be open and will operate normally as per Beach Patrol rules. www.volusia.org/

  • you must sign in for event w/ applicable paperwork and also sign waivers before you enter the water

  • You will need to register online for the event. Just look above for the paypal “Pay Now” link and follow instructions.
    Pre register:
    $70 per person – one ski,
    $75 one person – 2 skis

  • If you do not register online you will need to register when you get here. An additional $10 will be added for not pre-registering
    Day of event
    $80 per person – one ski
    $85 per person – 2 skis

  • If you get caught riding w/o proper paperwork you will be asked to leave and not invited back.

  • After you registered online bring paypal receipt w/ you to receive your riding sticker and bracelet (you must have this with you to receive riding sticker)

  • Every ski in riding area will be registered for liability issues

  • helmets and proper riding gear are mandatory (full face recommended)

  • tow loops on front and rear of ski are mandatory

  • driving is permitted from 6am – 6pm (approx)

  • riding zone is open from 9am – 5pm

  • raffle will be after 5pm Saturday behind the Ocean Breeze.

  • tickets for raffle will be sold all day Saturday from 9am-5pm. You can purchase tickets from my wife Sara right next to tiki bar. can’t miss it.

  • after party will start at 7pm Saturday night TBD

  • ride smart and keep your head on a swivel.

  • Volusia County Jet ski zone (not permitted freeride zone) will be North of permitted event jet ski area and will accommodate people wanting to ride before Thursday.

  • No numbers, no reg, will be perfectly ok since it’s a permitted event.

Note: if you arrive early and plan on riding on Wednesday or before, you will be required to have all applicable state registrations
and up to date since the event does not technically start till Jan. 11th on a Thursday.