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My name is Nicholas Foederer, I live in Daytona Beach Florida and have been into photography for over 10 years now. I mostly shoot sports and events. I have decided to take it to the sky with a remote operated drone (quad rotor). The drone is a DJI Phantom 2 and it has a flying time of 25min*. The drone equipped with a Zenmuse h3-2d gimbal with a GORPO Hero3+ which is capable of capturing HD or higher quality video and high resolution images as well. I see this technology as the next big thing in photography and video capturing. The range of the drone is up to .5 miles and a height of over 1000ft. I have a FPV setup so I can fly and view what the camera is seeing real time. This gives me the capability to capture much better shots quicker and will result in more quality footage for the end user. Thank you for checking the site out and if you need any info, or want to utilize my services please contact me through site, or at 386-383-3001 Thanks - Nicholas *at normal speeds and mild wind





Event Rules


Event Schedule






Nicholas Foederer
or contact me through Facebook Group


  • You will need to register online for the event. Just look below for the paypal “Pay Now” link and follow instructions.
    Pre register:
    $50 per person – one ski,
    $60 one person – 2 skis

  • Pro Watercross Membership is included with Registration fees

  • If you do not register online you will need to register when you get here. An additional $10 will be added for not pre-registering
    Day of event
    $60 per person – one ski
    $70 per person – 2 skis
    1 ski: $50


    $10 extra for each additional sticker (per ski)

Upon arrival you will need to sign waivers and fill out paperwork for Pro Watercross membership. Fees for membership are included in registration fees. Do not enter water without signing waivers for insurance purposes. Thank You

Included in purchase:
4 days of Riding
Full Color Sticker for Ski (per ski)
Gel Wristband with logo
Free giveaways all day Saturday

  1. Each rider will receive 1 sticker that will be placed on boat in a visible area

  2. You will be given a rubber arm band that will show that you are a registered rider

  3. You will need to pay for your registration prior to event by following the pay pal instructions below unless you can not for some reason then I will register you at event

  4. Anyone caught riding w/o paying and signing waivers will be escorted out of riding area and you will not be allowed back

  5. Do to insurance and liability EVERY SKI that is on the beach WILL BE REGISTERED

  6. and every rider will have and WRISTBAND this year, no exceptions at all

  7. Ride safe and keep your head on a swivel

  8. Remember to bring a copy of paypal receipt

2017 Daytona Freeride 4 day riding pass

Event Rules

Rules of The Freeride Zone:

  • riding zone will be directly behind Ocean Breeze Club extending south 1000ft south and 1000ft north of host hotel.

  • Permitted area will be open from Thursday-Sunday, standard jet ski zone will be open and will operate normally as per Beach Patrol rules.

  • you must sign in for event w/ applicable paperwork and also sign waivers before you enter the water

  • You will need to register online for the event. Just look above for the paypal “Pay Now” link and follow instructions

  • If you get caught riding w/o proper paperwork you will be asked to leave and not invited back.

  • After you registered online bring paypal receipt w/ you to receive your riding sticker and bracelet (you must have this with you to receive riding sticker)

  • Every ski in riding area will be registered for liability issues

  • helmets and proper riding gear are mandatory (full face recommended)

  • tow loops on front and rear of ski are mandatory

  • driving is permitted from 6am – 6pm (approx)

  • riding zone is open from 9am – 5pm

  • raffle will be after 5pm Saturday behind the Ocean Breeze.

  • tickets for raffle will be sold all day Saturday from 9am-5pm. You can purchase tickets from my wife Sara right next to tiki bar. can’t miss it.

  • after party will start at 7pm Saturday night TBD

  • ride smart and keep your head on a swivel.

  • Volusia County Jet ski zone (not permitted freeride zone) will be North of permitted event jet ski area and will accommodate people wanting to ride before Thursday.

  • No numbers, no reg, will be perfectly ok since it’s a permitted event.

Note: if you arrive early and plan on riding on Wednesday or before, you will be required to have all applicable state registrations
and up to date since the event does not technically start till Jan. 12th on a Thursday.


Event Schedule

Thursday January 12:
gates on beach open around 6am
event starts officially 9am
riding starts at 9am (noise ordinance)
riding ends 5pm
car and trucks need to be off the beach 30min before sunset (appox 5:20pm)
Go to bar for meet and greet party TBD

Friday January 13:
gates on beach open around 6am
riding starts at 9am (noise ordinance)
riding ends 5pm
cars and trucks need to be off the beach 30min before sunset (appox 5:20pm)
Party TBD

Saturday January 14: (main event day):
gates on beach open around 6am (first come first serve)
riding starts at 9am (noise ordinance)
12:30pm Surf and Style competition
riding ends 5pm.
6pm raffle
cars and trucks need to be off the beach 30min before sunset (appox 5:20pm) recommend you have them off before 5pm
after party on pool deck w/ sponsored drink specials

Sunday January 15:
gates on beach open around 6am
riding starts at 9am (noise ordinance)
riding ends 5pm
cars and trucks need to be off the beach 30min before sunset (appox 5:20pm)
event officially concludes 5pm



 Host Hotel: Ocean Breeze


There will be 4 EMT/Lifeguard/Active Volusia County Police Officers on site with a rescue ski ready to go.


If you want to sponsor the freeride, please contact me through the site, or mobile. ph# 386-383-3001, Nicholas Foederer