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Welcome to the Official page for the 2016 Blacktip Jetsports Daytona Freeride


Super stoked to announce the new title sponsor for 2016, Blacktip Jetsports distributed by Watercraft Superstore and SBT. Watercraft Superstore and SBT have been an integral part of the Daytona Freeride since the very beginning and have always stepped up and shown huge support for the ride. I’m proud to have this organization be a part of the 2016 Daytona Freeride. Look for lots of killer deals from them and as usual they will be there providing great products and killer deals. Get ready for the best freeride yet: 2016 Blacktip Jetsports Daytona Freeride!!


Exclusive offer for the Daytona Freeride in the Watercraft Superstore booth! BlackTip Jetsports Sheet goods will be available for $30 a sheet.These sheets normally retail for $60! We are taking pre-orders that can be picked up at the freeride from our booth (sorry no shipping on these and no rain checks). We will wrap them and put your name on them, just stop by our booth and pick it up! Give us a call to place your orders today. Can’t wait til next week!

I will be working with them to make the ride better and more fun for everyone. Dates are: January 14th-17th 2016, don’t miss it!!

The 2016 Blacktip Jetsports Daytona Freeride
January 14-17 2016

presented by:
Super Freak Skis
La Playa Resort & Suites
Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine
Jet Renu

On Wednesday night I plan on having someone in the lobby at La Playa to register people this year. Please do so before you get down to the beach. I will have people checking in skis and registering riders upon entering the beach this year. You will not be just driving on and registering when you fee like it anymore. Think ahead and get yourself registered before hand. I can trust most people, but because of some I am having to change policy due to liability and insurance.

Remember, do to insurance and liability EVERY SKI that is on the beach WILL BE REGISTERED and every rider will have and ARMBAND this year, no exceptions at all.

Every year I get people trying to poach the ride and this puts me in a very bad position if someone gets hurt. Everyone says, “oh man I would never sue you”, but if you get hurt bad enough your parents sure will. I need to know I am covered. Please police yourselves and let me know if you see anyone operating unsafe or operating without registration sticker on boat and armband. No sticker on your boat and no armband no riding. I hate to have to bring this up every year, but some do not respect the time and money that goes into promoting a SAFE and FUN freeride.

If I catch someone poaching the ride you will be escorted off the beach and you will not return. I am making it perfectly clear now so pass this on. You will be spending your weekend alone if you decide to try and ride for free and most importantly ride without signing waivers and receiving a numbered sticker and armband.

Once again, please understand this is mandatory and will be enforced by beach patrol and myself. Thanks for your cooperation. I wish I did not have to do this, but if you saw how many people I caught last year poaching and lying to my face about it you would understand.

Ride safe and keep your head on a swivel….

link to paypal pre- registration below

fyi – remember to bring a copy of paypal receipt when you either complete registration in lobby at La Playa , or enter beach Thursday morn to sign waivers and receive sticker

Price of Admission, 1 rider, 1 ski: $40. $10 extra for each additional ski per rider. each rider will receive 1 sticker that will be placed on boat in a place that can be seen and a rubber arm band that will show that you are a registered rider. All parties and after parties will be located on pool deck by tiki bar. I will be announcing periodically events that we will be doing on the deck as we proceed. Look forward to all kind of good stuff going on like usual.
You may pay for your registration prior to event by following the pay pal instructions below.

2016 Blacktip Jetsports Daytona Freeride 4 day riding pass


Every ski will have a sticker on it if it’s on the the beach this year. No skis that are not registered will be allowed on beach at all anymore. Too many people poaching and I’m trying to keep that to a minimum since liability is always an issue. I will have the same setup as last year. I will have two people signing people in and registering them on the beach behind the La Playa Resort. I will also have people on either side of the zone checking in. Please check in as you are entering event. It’s easier for everyone and makes things more fluid.

Host Hotel: La Playa Resort

Sponsorship: If you want to sponsor the freeride, please contact me through the site, or mobile. ph# 386-383-3001, Nicholas Foederer

Rules of The Freeride Zone:

  • riding zone is at the La Playa Resort extending south 2000ft
  • Permitted area will be open from Thursday-Sunday, standard jet ski zone will be open and will operate normally as per Beach Patrol rules.
  • you must sign in for event w/ applicable paperwork and also sign waivers before you enter the water
  • you can register online for the event. Just look above for the paypal “Pay Now” link and follow instructions
  • to register for freeride onsite, you can either pull down to beach with skis and register or walk down directly behind La Playa Resort. Attendant will be on beach under black pop up tent They will be sitting down on beach ready to collect your money and have you sign waivers. If you get caught riding w/o proper paperwork you will be asked to leave and not invited back.
  • if you registered online bring paypal receipt w/ you to receive your riding sticker and bracelet (you must have this with you to receive riding sticker)
  • remember all skis will be registered for event that are brought on to the beach
  • helmets and proper riding gear is mandatory (full face recommended)
  • tow loops on front and rear of ski are mandatory
  • driving is permitted from 6am – 6pm (approx)
  • riding zone is open from 9am – 5pm
  • raffle will be after 5pm Saturday behind the La Playa Resort.
  • tickets for raffle will be sold all day Saturday from 9am-5pm. You can purchase tickets from my wife Sara right next to tiki bar. can’t miss it.
  • after party will start at 7pm Saturday night (@ the La Playa Resort pool deck)
  • ride smart and keep your head on a swivel.
  • Volusia County Jet ski zone (not permitted freeride zone) will be North of permitted event jet ski area and will accommodate people wanting to ride before Thursday.
  • No numbers, no reg, will be perfectly ok since it’s a permitted event.

Note: if you arrive early and plan on riding on Wednesday or before, you will be required to have all applicable state registrations and up to date since the event does not technically start till Jan. 16th on a Thursday.


There will be 4 EMT/Lifeguard/Active Volusia County Police Officers on site with a rescue ski ready to go.

Thursday January 14:
gates on beach open around 6am
event starts officially 9am
riding starts at 9am (noise ordinance)
riding ends 5pm
car and trucks need to be off the beach 30min before sunset (appox 5:20pm)
Go to bar for meet and greet party (Mcks Tavern)
party on pool deck till whenever

Friday January 15:
gates on beach open around 6am
riding starts at 9am (noise ordinance)
riding ends 5pm
cars and trucks need to be off the beach 30min before sunset (appox 5:20pm)
party on pool deck till whenever

Saturday January 16: (main event day):
gates on beach open around 6am (first come first serve)
riding starts at 9am (noise ordinance)
12:00pm SBT/Watercraft Superstore sponsored lunch (for registered riders)
12:30pm Surf and Style competition
2:30pm Aquamoto 3 class race (sport class, stand up open, vintage)
riding ends 5pm.
6pm raffle
cars and trucks need to be off the beach 30min before sunset (appox 5:20pm) recommend you have them off before 5pm
after party on pool deck w/ sponsored drink specials

Sunday January 17:
gates on beach open around 6am
riding starts at 9am (noise ordinance)
riding ends 5pm
cars and trucks need to be off the beach 30min before sunset (appox 5:20pm)
event officially concludes 5pm
party on pool deck till whenever

Nicholas Foederer